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Google Chrome Not Responding?

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser which is free and easy to use. It can be easily installed on any operating system, smart phones for browsing the internet. Because of amazing services, it is very popular across the globe. People can easily add extensions and enjoy synchronized browsing services. However, any technical problem can arise which can create the obstacle. In this article, we have explained how to fix Google Chrome when it is not responding.

Causes why Google Chrome keeps freezing and not responding:-

Google Chrome browser Support

  • Blocked by antivirus :- Sometimes, many faulty programs are blocked by antivirus to protect the system from entire data loss. Remove those unwanted programs and scan your system periodically. Try to install a new antivirus program.
  • Installation of malicious program :- Try to avoid installation of unused and unwanted software. Chrome Cleanup Tool helps the users to remove unwanted program without any miss-match.
  • Extensions error :- Check if any extension is creating issue. If yes then click on Chrome icon and go to Tools. Open extensions and disable all faulty extensions.
  • Issue with flash player :- Due to installation of two different flash players, errors arise in web browser. To fix this, click on Start and search flash player. Open it and search Advanced tab. Now update the settings by clicking on Allow Adobe to install updates.
  • Cache and cookies fault :- Cookies are created automatically by browser when we visit any website, links. For a safer browsing, remove cookies and histories after some time. Open Chrome browser and go to toolbar. Click on more and open Tools. After this, clear browsing data.
  • Javascript issue :- When the website is displaying properly but the images are not clear then user should understand that this fault is caused by Java script. Just open your Chrome and click on Customize and Control Google Chrome option. Go to Tools and click on JavaScript Console. It will show you the exact error.

How to repair Google Chrome?

  • In first step, open Task Manager and end every process of this browser.
  • Now go to the shortcut of Chrome by pressing right click on its icon.After this, open file location.
  • Make a new shortcut on desktop
  • Click on Properties by pressing right click on shortcut icon.
  • Select security tab and open advanced option.
  • Now click on Advanced Security settings and select Change option.After this type username and save all settings.
  • After this process, go to Effective Access Tab and select a user.
  • Again type a username and click on Check Names.
  • Press OK to save all changes.

Additional points:-

  • If user are facing same error again-n-again then try to reinstall Google Chrome.
  • Due to any virus, malware , Chrome gets hanged.To fix this issue, run a malware scan.
  • Rebooting can also solve basic issues because internal settings get changed.
  • Download a latest version of chrome which is compatible with your system. It is free of cost and can be easily download using other web browser.

Connect at Google Chrome Technical Support Team

Excellent services are provided via emails, live-chats, telephonic conversation. All glitches are solved in an innovative way by using remote session controller. Services are accessible for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. If you require any further information then contact us without any hesitation.

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